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Coral Plant

The scientific name of Coral Plant:Jatropha multifida

Name of Coral Plant in different languages:-

English: Coral Plant, Ornamental jatropha, Physic nut

Malayalam: Churakkalli, Karikolpatta, Nadan Karup

Plant description:

Coral plant is a fast growing evergreen shrub or small tree, drought tolerant, with a single trunk, a loose, spreading crown and grow to the height of 2 meters. The leaves are distinctive 7 to 15 lobed,alternate, orbicular, dark green, with divided-lobes,  finely divided leaves grow up to 12" wide and are reminiscent of Cannabis sativa leaves. They are dark green above and lighter beneath. The flowers are Numerous, small, borne in  clusters red flowers on a long stalks. The fruits are three-lobed, nut-like, yellow and globose,  Propagation through seeds or cuttings of stems.

Useful plant parts: Seeds, oil

Medicinal uses: To treat microbial infections, leishmaniasis and malarial infections, infection,inflammations, tumor, pain, fever etc.

Chemical content: Purgative oil, phytotoxin, curcin, Ricinis

Medicinal Properties: Antileishmanial, antimalarial and antimicrobial

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