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Scientific name of Cocklebur: Xanthium strumerium

Name of Cocklebur in different languages:-

English: Burdock, Common Cocklebur,  burdock datura, clotbur

Sanscrit: Arishta- अरिष्ट, Medhya- मेध्य, Sarpakshi- सर्पक्षी

Hindi: छोटा धतूरा chota dhatura, घाघरा ghaghra and छोटा गोखुरू chota gokhuru

Malayalam: Arishta-അരിഷ്ട, Chuzhiparakam-ചുഴലിപാറകം

Plant description:

It is an annual herb with a short, hairy stem. Leaves broadly triangular; flower are white or green; fruits are covered with numerous hooks. Flowering is August to September. The whole plant, especially root and fruits are used as medicine.

Useful plant parts: Whole plant.

Medicinal uses:

Anthelmintic, alexiteric, laxative, fattening, tonic, digestive, it cures leucoderma, biliousness, poisonous insect bites, epilepsy and fever.

Chemical content:

Antipyretic toxic chemical - carboxyatratyloside.


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