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Clammy cherry

Clammy cherry, Sebesten plum, Indian cherry, Fragrant manjack
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The scientific name of Clammy cherry: Cordia dichotoma

Family: Boraginaceae

Name of in different languages:

English: Sebesten plum, Indian cherry, Fragrant manjack

Sanskrit: Bahuvarah, Shleshmataka

Hindi: लसोड़ा Lasora

Tamil: naruvili, citam

Malayalam: നറുവരി – Naruvari, Cheruviri

Useful plant parts:

Root, Stem

Plant description:

Clammy cherry is a sub-Himalayan deciduous small sized tree with spreading crown. The stem bark is smooth, greyish brown, longitudinally wrinkled. The flowers are white, short-stalked, bisexual, appear in a loose corymbose cyme, flowering is at night. found up to about 1500 m elevations. The fruit is globose or ovoid drupe, yellow or pinkish-yellow and shining, it turns black when ripe and the pulp gets viscid. The fruits are edible and used to make pickle.

Medicinal uses:

To treat a cough, colic burns, wound, asthma, diaheria, fracture, insect bites, debility, dry skin, lung disorders, etc
Chemical content:

Phenolics, tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids

Medicinal properties:

Anthelmintic, expectorant, antipyretic, diuretic, analgesic, hepatoprotective and purgative,

How to prepare medicines:

It is one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like:-

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