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Chir Pine

Scientific name of Chir pine: Pinus Roxburghii

Name of Chir pine in different languages:-

English: Himalayan longleaf pine

Sanskrit: Sarala, Madana

Hindi: Chir चीड

Malayalam: Charaḷam-ചരളം, Pine- പൈൻ

Plant description:

It is a large Himalayan tree, Erect, evergreen tree, reaches up to 50 m and trunk up to 2 m, which is covered with deeply fissured bark, color is reddish-brown. The leaves are very slender, size up to 35 cm long and needle-shaped, yellowish green in color.Fruits are cones, size up to 24 cm long and 8 cm broad. The turpentine is is extracted from the resin.

Useful plant parts: resin, oil

Medicinal uses:

To control Vatha and kapha, Anti-wormal, Heal wounds, Digestive problems, to treat Nervous disorders, Skin problems like wounds, burns, boils, sores, it is aso useful in the treatments of respiratory disorders, and rhumatic disorders.

Chemical contents: Taxifolin, Pinenes, careen, longifoline, turpentine.

Medicinal Properties: Antiseptic,  rubefacient, diuretic  and vermifuge

Chir pine is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

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Rajanyadi Choornam

Yavanyadi Choornam

Bala Thailam

Baladhatryadi Thailam

Himasagara Tailam

Maharajaprasarini Thailam

Panchgun Taila

Prabhanjana Vimardanam Thailam

Prameha Mihira Taila

Jadamayathi Choornam

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