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Cat’s whiskers

Scientific name of Cat's whiskers: Orthosiphon aristatus

Name of Cat's whiskers in different languages:-

English: Java tea, Indian kidney tea

Sanskrit: Arjaka, Marjarasmasru

Hindi: Mutri tulsi

Malayalam: Poocha meesha-പൂച്ചമീശ, Poochatulasi-പൂച്ച തുളസി

Plant description:

Java tea is a perennial herb found as a weed or as an ornamental plant of gardens, grows to 1 - 3 feet tall, many branched; the stems are brown, the leaves are dark green with 1inch, ovate, with serrated margins. Flowers are white, occur at the branch end, at the middle of the flowers there is a bristle like part resemble to cat's whiskers. So the plant is called Cats whiskers.


Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Diamond Margin-Serrated Venation-Reticulate
 Diamond  Margin_Serrated--Forward-teething  Recticulate


Useful plant parts:

Wholeplant, leaves

Medicinal uses:

increase urine flow, to treat kidney stone, liver problems, gallbladder problems, gout; and joint pain due to rheumatism, tooth-ache, hypertension diseases and urinary disorders

Chemical contents:

Potassium salts, alkaloid, orthosiphonin, flavonoids, carbohydrates, tannins, saponins, phenols, and terpenoids, flavonol glycosides, and nine caffeic acid derivatives,rosmarinic acid,dicaffeoyltartaric acids.

Medicinal Properties:

Anti-bacterial,anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic

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