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Cannon Ball Tree

Scientific name of Cannon Ball Tree: Couroupita guianensis

Name of Cannon Ball Tree in different languages:-

English: Brazil Nut

Sanskrit: Nagalinga

Hindi: Nagalinga, Tope gola

Tamil: Naagalingam-நாகலிங்கம்

Malayalam: Nagalinga maram, Sivalinga maram

Plant description:

It is a large deciduous tropical tree, belongs to Lecythidaceae family, grows up to 25 m. The leaves are up to 6 inches long, simple, margin serrated; flowers are big, color scarlet, orange, and pink, born in a large bunches measuring up to 3m. The fruits are large, spherical shaped as a cannon ball, and woody fruits up to 24 cm in diameter, containing up to 300 seeds.

Useful plant parts: Leaves

Medicinal uses: To treat skin diseases, malaria, and toothache.

medicinal properties: antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic and analgesic

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