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The scientific name of Broccoli: Brassica oleracea var. italica

Name of Broccoli in different languages:-

English:  Green Cauliflower, Italian Cauliflower

Hindi: Hari Phool Gobi


Malayalam: Broccoli-ബ്രോക്കോളി

Tamil: Pachchai poongosu, Procoly-ப்ரோக்கோலி

Plant description:

Broccoli is an annual plant, fast-growing, Upright, grows up to 90 cm tall, branching; leaves are leathery, dark green; oblong, margin entire, very similar to cauliflower, flowers are dark green clusters of small buds formed as buquet in the branche apex.The yellow flowers are open in the buds became mature and producce the capsule contain small seed, which is used to propogate.

Useful plant parts: Flower, leaf

Medicinal uses: To treat and control Cancer growth, prevent ulcer, constipation, Alzheimer’s disease, Digestion problems, cholesterol-lowering .

Chemical content: Sulphorafane, Indols, and Three glucosinolate.

Medicinalproperties: antioxidant, antiviral, Anti-inflamatory

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