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Blumea Plant

Scientific name of Blumea Plant: Blumea lacera

Name of Blumea Plant in different languages:

English: Blumea

Sanskrit: कुकुंदर Kukundara,  ताम्रचूड़ा Tamrachuda, म्रदु छड़ Mridu chhada

Hindi: kukunder-कुकुन्दर

Malayalam: Kukkura-കുക്കുര, Rakkila

Tamil: Kattumullangi, Narakkarandai

Useful plant parts: Root

Plant description:

Blumea Plant is slender, annual herb, found as a weed in the roadsides, plane areas, etc.,  with a strong odour of turpentine or camphor, commonly grow up to 60 cm high; erect,  branched, covered with hairs, often grey or silky; leaves are arranged alternate, petioled, obovate, margin toothed; heads in  axillary cymes and terminal panicles,the flowers are yellow in along stamen.

Medicinal uses: To treat thread worms, bronchitis, blood related diseases, fevers, excess thirst,burning sensations, neuralgia, headache,cold and cough.

Medicinal properties: febrifuge, diuretic, anti-scorbutic, and anthelmintic.

Chemical contents: Beta-sitosterol, lupeol acetate, alpha-amyrin, flavones, stigmasterol, campesterol.

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