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Blue Morning glory

Scientific name of Blue Morning glory - Ipomoea nil 

Name of Blue Morning glory in different languages:-

Sanscrit: कलंजनी-Kalanjani, कृष्णबीज-Krishnabeej

English: Ivy morning glory

Malayalam: Krishnabeejam കൃഷ്ണബീജം, Kalambi കലമ്പി

Plant description of Blue Morning glory-

Ipomoea nil - ivy morning glory is a climbing annual herb found in the road sides, spreading over fence and  waste areas etc, grows up to 5 meters, the leaves are  three-lobbed, dark green, up to 8 cm long. The flowers funnel shaped and deep blue in colour.

 climbing annual herb with three-pointed leaves 3 to 8 centimeters long

Useful plant parts: Seed

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