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Black Turmeric

Scientific name of Black Turmeric: Curcuma caesia

Name of Black Turmeric in different languages:-

English: black zedoary, Black curcuma

Sanskrit: Rajani, Nishaa, Nishi, Raatri

Hindi: Kali Haldi, Nar Kachura, Krishna kedar

Tamil: Karimanchal

Malayalam: Karimanjal

Plant description:

It is a perennial herb, erect, like any other Curcuma family, except the reddish-brownish line at the center part of the leaf, grow up to 2 feet, leaves are long, lance-shaped, tapered both ends, up to 50 cm long and 8 cm wide,  rhizome are the useful plant part, which is like white turmeric except the bluish color, bluish-black in colour with a pungent smell, aromatic, hot bitter in taste.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-lanceolate Margin-Entire Venation-parallel
 Linear-parellel-marginn-elongated  Margin_Entire  parallel2


Useful plant parts:

Rhizomes, leaves

Medicinal uses:

To treat pneumonia, cough, and cold, fever, asthma, migraine, poison bites, stomach pain, tooth ache, vomiting and menstrual disorders.(No scientific proof)

Medicinal properties:

Essential oil

Chemical contents:

Borneol, bornyl acetate, and curcumene

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