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The scientific name of Barleria: Barleria mysorensis Roth / B. buxifolia L

Name of Barleria in different languages:-

English: Barleria

Sanskrit: Chulli

Malayalam: Karachulli-കാരച്ചുള്ളി, Chulli-ചുള്ളി

Plant description of Barleria:

It is a found in Western Ghats, deciduous forests, and in  plains, and is distributed in dry places of Malabar and Travancore, Deccan and Coimbatore, a very prickly small shrub; branches hairy. Leaves are broadly elliptic, obtuse, mucronate, hairy beneath, deciduous scabrid pubescent above; petioles hardly any, bracteoles simple spines, usually long. The flowers are pink, axillary sessile, two outer sepals large ovate sub-spinose, denticulate, softly hairy. Corolla purple, fruits are capsule four seeded, propagations through stem cutting. Flowering and fruiting is November to April  

Useful plant parts:

Leaf and Root

Medicinal uses:

To treat coughing and inflammations.

Chemical content:

AcetylcholinesteraseIridoid glycosides

Medicinal properties:

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial

One of the ingredient in:

Prabhanjana Vimardanam Thailam


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