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AyurvedaThylam or Enna

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Oil based Ayurveda medicines are called Thylam or Thailam or Enna, it is mainly used for external application as a massage agent or as a painkiller, and some of the oil-based medicines are given internally. Dried herbal medicines or fresh medicines are continuously heated till its waste becomes a sticky or sand stage to get its full extract. Most of the oils are widely used as painkillers for rheumatic patients, because easy to absorb from the external application, these Ayurvedic oils are also using in massage treatments like uzhichil, for the massage of sprains etc.

Arishtam Asavam Lehyam Kuzhambu Keram Rasayanam Bhasmam Gulika Thailam

List of Important Ayurveda Thylam or Enn

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