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Asthma weed

Scientific name of Asthma weed: Euphorbia Hirta

Name in different languages:-

English: Hairy spurge, Garden spurge, Pill pod sandman, Asthma plant, Snakeweed.

Sanscrit: Barokheruie, Chara.

Hindi: Baridhudi, Dudhghas, Dudhi

Malayalam: Chithirapala-ചിത്തിരപ്പാല, Murikooti-മുറികൂട്ടി, Nilappala-നിലപ്പാല.

Tamil: Amman-pacharici-அம்மான்பச்சரிசி

Asthma weed - plant description

Asthma weed - Euphorbia Hirta is an erect, slender, sometimes prostrate, annual herb grow up to 60 cm long, and it produce a white sap or latex which is sticky. The leaves are simple, brownish-green,  elliptical, hairy in both surfaces, toothed margin, and arranged in opposite pairs on the stem, apex obtuse-acute, the stems are  hispid, also hairy and produce a white sap. There are stipules present. Flowers are uni-sexual, found in axillary cymes at leaf axils. Fruit is like a capsule, which is tiny, and four-sided with red seeds. the roots are taproots, brown or white in color.

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant, latex

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lance Margin-Dentated Venation-Longitudinal
lanceolate-ointed-at-both-ends Margin_Denticulate-with-fine-dentition Venation-Longitudinal

Medicinal uses:

 ability to increase platelet level, to cure respiratory, bronchitic asthma and laryngeal spasm, amoebic dysentery, nausea and vomiting, worm infestations  in children, jaundice, pimples, tumors, gonorrhea,  and digestive problems.

Medicinal Properties:

Anti-bacterial (it act against the bacteria such as pathogenic bacteria, Helicopter pylori, and Plasmodium), anti- viral(Dengue fever).

How to prepare medicines:

It is used  as a traditional medicine in Ayurveda and eaten as a vegetable in some part of India

Applied the latex of plant (milk) on fresh wounds can cure easily, and used in the treatments of rashes, warts, swellings, and to cure cracked lips.

The decoction of the whole plant is used in the treatment of Dengue fever

Note: Regular consumption of the plant may cause  infertility (reduces the sperm count).


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