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Asafoetida Plant

Scientific name of Asafoetida Plant: Ferula Narthex

Name in different languages:-

English: Stinking gum, Devil's dung.

Sanscrit: Hingu, Agudagandhu, Badhika.

 Hindi: Hing

 Malayalam: Kayam കായം, Perungayam

Plant description

Devil's dung  or Asafoetida is a perennial plant, which grows up to 2 m tall, with large bipinnate leaves and developing a fleshy rootstock. The inflorescence is the 5th year of its growth, the flowering stem is 10 cm thick and to 3 m tall. Flowers are yellow, found in axillary umbels, as a clustered form.

Asafoetida-Devil's dung or Hingu is prepared from roots of the plant, a resin or gum-like material come out of the cuts of the living root is collected and solidified, which is black in color, bitter in taste and with a bad smell. It is used as an ingredient in many of Ayurveda medicine. 

 Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Acicular Margin-Entire Venation-Parallel
 Acicular-Needle-Shaped  Margin_Entire  Venation-Parallel

Useful plant parts:

Gummy resin

Medicinal uses:

It is beneficial in the treatments of asthma, chronic bronchitis, whooping cough, H1N1-swine flu, and asthma, Gastric disorders like intestinal gas, constipation, upset stomach, IBS, irritable colon, and  mental disorders such as hysteria, insanity, convulsions, and used as a nerve stimulant,  depression with physical fatigue, and control cholesterol and High BP. 

Chemical Contents:


Medicinal Properties:

Digestive agent, Nervous stimulant, Sedative.

How to prepare medicines:

Used as an ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines like:-

Hinguvadi Thailam

Hingu Triguna Thailam   

Hinguvachadi choornam

Rasnadi Choornam

Yogaraja Churnam  

Grahanyantaka ghritam

Ashtaskhari Gulik

Ashta choornam

Dasangam Gulika

Kombanchadi Gulika

Krimisodhini Vati

Mukkamukkutukadi Gulika

Ponkaradi Gulka

Suryaprabha Gulika

Vilangadi  Gulika

Ashta choornam

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