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Areca nut

Scientific name of areca nut: Areca catechu

Name in different languages:-

Common name: Beetle nut, Areca palm, Pinang.

Sanscrit: Puga

Hindi: Supari

Tamil: Pakku-பாக்கு

Malayalam: Kamuku കമുക്, Adakkamaramഅടയ്ക്കാമരം, Kamungu കവുങ്ങ്,കമുങ്ങ്.

Plant description

Areca nut tree or Betel nut tree is an erect, tall tree, found in tropical areas, grow up to 60 feet tall, the trunk is strong, segmented, diameter up to 30 cm. Leaves are 7 ft. long, pinnately arranged, with numerous, crowded leaflets, broad leaflets, tip with jagged, dark green in color. Fruits are borne in clusters, which is dark green, turn orange while ripe, sized to about 2.5 inches in long.

Useful plant parts:

Fruit, bark, root

Medicinal uses:

Stomach pain, dysentery, ripe fruit juice is used to treat insect bites, chewing with betel leaf and cunna ( Calcium carbonate) is useful to reduce  tooth-ache, gum infections and bad breath, taenifuge for tapeworm

Chemical content:

Alkaloids (Arecaidine and Arecoline),  tannin, gallic acid, volatile oil, lignin, Arecoline, Arecain, Guracine.

Medicinal properties:

Aromatic,  Astringent, 

How to prepare medicines:

Fruit juice is used in the folk treatment of Scorpion bites.

Chewing with betel leaf and tobacco is a  habit in some Kerala people called 'Murukku' 

Used as an ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines like:-






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