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About Medicinal Plants of India

India’s oldest treatment method Ayurveda is believed that one of the oldest treatment system of the world, it is supposed to start 3000 years ago. The main attraction of this method is, it is the cheapest treatment methods with lesser side effects. Medicinal plants are the backbone of Ayurveda, in addition to other natural resources, the  main ingredients are plants or it’s by-products which are getting freely from nature.

Unfortunately, we are unable to identify it properly or less knowledge about it. So we are trying to introduce some medicinal plants, which are used in the herbal treatment and used as an important ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines. Unfortunately, a heavy amount of precious herbs  are getting  endangered or on a threat of extinction, we have to take a greater care to protect herbal plants for future, for this purpose, we are trying to introduce important medicinal plant which is used in the Ayurveda medicines and show the importance of plants to be protected.

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